Letter from the Founder


I'm LaTisha, the founder of Limitless School of Dance. I've been teaching dance classes at the Hurst Recreation Center for many years now. While I have loved the sense of community and the laid back atmosphere of the Rec Center, there were many things that didn't quite sit right with me.

For starters, I am a Christian and for almost 20 years, I have exclusively listened to Christian music. Since the Rec Center is a government facility, I was unable to use Christian music for my classes. This meant that I had to begin listening to and purchasing secular music for use in my dance classes. I found that Oldies and Disney music usually did the trick, but I still wasn't particularly comfortable using secular music.

I also found that due to limited room availability, I was unable to adequately meet the needs of my students. I could usually only be approved to teach two to four youth classes at a time. In order to offer the widest variety of classes, I taught combo classes, such as a 3-in-1 ballet/tap/jazz class. While this was great for the child that wanted to do it all, many students were only interested in one type of dance. In addition to that, my classes would usually always be full with additional students signed up on a waiting list to get into the classes. I hated to have to turn away students due to my very limited scheduling ability.

So, I decided to do something about it; I started Limitless School of Dance. At Limitless, we only use Christian music. At Limitless, we can schedule as many classes as we have students for. Also, if our class schedule doesn't work for your family, we can start a new class at any time. At Limitless, parents can be confident that their children will never be instructed to wear inappropriate clothing or to perform inappropriate dance moves. At Limitless, we use love and encouragement as our method of instruction instead of harsh criticisms.

We would love for you to join us at Limitless School of Dance. New students are always welcome. Feel free to come take a week's worth of free classes to find out which class is best for you.


LaTisha Clay
Limitless School of Dance