Classroom Rule of Thumb

Dance Apparel

We are pleased to announce that you may now purchase all of your dancewear and shoes right at the Limitless School of Dance studio. Our prices are 35–50% off of retail prices. By purchasing your dancewear and shoes at the studio, you save yourself not only money, but time. Also, you never have to worry about if you've purchased the correct supplies or if the sales associate fitted you properly.

If you choose not to purchase your dancewear and shoes at the studio, please use the following information to help you find the proper supplies.


I would prefer for all female students to wear a black leotard to class. Bottoms should always be worn with the leotard. I will also accept most forms of athletic apparel. Male students should wear sweat pants with either a tank top or tee shirt. Jeans are never acceptable for girls or boys.

Tights or Dance Socks

It is required that dancers wear either tights or a pair of dance socks with their shoes.


Never wear your dance shoes outside of the studio. Wearing your shoes in the parking lot and elsewhere will cause them to become dirty, and that dirtiness will be tracked into the studio. As we do many exercises laying on the floor, we do not want to be laying on dirtiness. For dance styles in which sneakers are acceptable, please purchase a pair of sneakers to be worn exclusively for class. Students in all classes will be required to remove their dance shoes prior to leaving class.

Water Bottles and Snacks

The studio does not currently have a water fountain, so please remember to bring a water bottle to class. Also, no food items will be allowed in the dance room.

Parents in Class

While there is no steadfast rule that parents are not allowed, parents in the classroom are a distraction, and children will want to wave or go talk to their parents during class. Other children may be shy and refuse to participate if parents are watching. If you arrive late, please ready your child in the foyer or waiting room and send him into class on his own. Also be aware that children do notice when parents are peaking into the classroom.

Parents will be invited to stay and watch during regular intervals throughout the year.


One of the biggest expenses that comes with participation in dance classes is purchasing dance shoes. As it is difficult to dance in shoes that are too big, dance shoes generally cannot be bought with as much growing room as normal shoes. Because of this, young dancers will outgrow dance shoes at a fairly rapid pace. An easy way to make dance shoes last longer and fit more comfortably is by always wearing tights or dance socks during class. If your child tells you that his shoes are uncomfortable, please do not make him suffer in shoes that have been outgrown. As instructors, we do not want to make children dance in uncomfortable shoes; however dancing barefoot or in socks does not allow for proper traction.


Disease spreads quickly among children. We completely understand when a child needs to miss class due to an illness or developing illness.

Name on Shoes and Other Personal Items

Whenever there is a group of students all changing shoes, there is a good chance that shoes will become mixed up. We find that a silver Sharpie is great for writing initials on the bottoms of shoes. It is also a good idea to label other personal items, as things are accidentally left behind in the classroom quite frequently. If things are labeled, we can call and notify the owner.

Toys and Jewelry

Please do not send your child to class with toys or jewelry. These things cause distractions and may need to be taken up if necessary. When items are taken from a child, the child will usually become upset and not want to participate for the remainder of class.


It is unfair for a student, as well as the instructor, if a student regularly misses class. Please do your best to be at class every week.