Summer School

Limitless School of Dance will be open all summer long! During the month of June, we will be holding week-long Dance Camps & Intensives for preschoolers and youths (we will not be holding technique classes during the month of June). Starting in July, our technique classes will begin. We will also be offering private lessons throughout the summer.

Dance Camps & Intensives | Technique Classes | Private Lessons

Dance Camps & Intensives

Dance Camp is a one-week program that will introduce your dancer to a variety of dance styles. Preschoolers will learn ballet and tap, while youths will learn ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and contemporary.

Princess Camp is a one-week program that will be a royal treat! Dancers will learn basic ballet and tap combinations to their favorite princess songs. On the last day of camp dancers will come dressed as their favorite princess for a princess picnic and fashion show!

Ballet Intensive is a camp for level II and III ballerinas. During this camp we will dive deep into the world of ballet technique.

Camp Dates:

You may sign up for our Dance Camps & Intensives using our online registration system powered by Dance Studio Pro.

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Technique Classes

Our summer schedule takes effect starting July 10th, 2023 and lasts through Labor Day. You may sign up for summer classes using our online registration system powered by Dance Studio Pro.

Registration Fee

There is a yearly $20 per student registration fee that covers the entire school year. If you are a new student, your registration fee will cover you from this summer through the end of next summer. If you are a returning student, your registration fee will not be due until fall registration.

Class Cards

With family vacations and other summer events making consistent class attendance unlikely, class cards are a great option for summer classes. Instead of paying a monthly tuition, you may purchase a 5-Class Card for $65 or a 10-Class Card for $120. Your card will be punched every time you attend class.

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Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for $15/half-hour for registered students and $20/half-hour for non-registered individuals. Private lessons are available at most times that regularly scheduled classes are not utilizing the studio. Simply use the online registration system powered by Dance Studio Pro to schedule your private lesson. Once you've created your account, you'll see "Book Private Lesson". If you are not otherwise registered for classes at the studio, there is no yearly registration fee due for these lessons.

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