Our Philosophy

Limitless School of Dance is a Christian studio that teaches all ages and skill levels from 3 years to adult. Our styles of dance include ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and more.

In a world where dance has become overly sexualized, either in the dance moves themselves, the clothing worn, the lyrics of songs, or in the obscene amount of makeup worn by young dancers, Christians either have to compromise their values or simply not pursue their passions. At Limitless, we keep our classes wholesome and captivating. We do not perform inappropriate moves, our dress code focuses on teaching our students modesty, we only use Christian music, and our dancers wear not much more than lip gloss when performing.

Since our purpose is to glorify God through dance, we want to make our classes as accessible to as many families as possible. You will find that our prices are almost half of what you would pay at a typical studio, and families get discounts for registering multiple family members.