There is a yearly $20 per student registration fee that covers the entire school year from September 2022–August 2023.

Tuition is based on how many hours per week a student is in class. Since most classes are one hour per week, tuition is generally $45 per month. Discounts are applied for each additional class taken resulting in the following rates:

So, if one student takes jazz and ballet, the monthly tuition would be $85 ($45 for jazz + $40 for ballet). The maximum tuition for a single child is $150. Any additional classes taken after the max is reached are free.

For families, each student will need to pay the yearly registration fee. After that, the students' hours are combined. So, if one student is in two classes, and the other student is in one class, the monthly tuition would be $120 ($45 + $40 + $35). Once the fifth hour is reached, all subsequent hours are just $25. Family maximum tuitions are as follows:

Tuition is due by the first of each month.

Class Cards

If you know that you will not be able to attend classes on a regular basis, but you still want to take classes, we offer Class Cards. You may purchase a 5-Class Card for $60 or a 10-Class Card for $110. Your card will be punched every time you attend class.